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Hi, my name is Fenix King. I'm a graduate student at the Academy of Art University, focusing on Game/Level Design using Unreal Engine. I'm currently looking for an Internship/Entry Level Game Designer position. Welcome to my portfolio website!


UpHill is a 3D stealth/infiltration game level, based on a real-life location in the city of San Francisco. The player has to avoid all of the police patrols and reach the final destination, which is the helicopter in a cul-de-sac. 



FishBall is a 3D platformer, rolling ball speedrun game. You play as a fish stuck in a glassball with some water inside. The goal of this game is to survive and reach the pool at the final destination. Your water level represents your health which will decrease overtime, keep collecting waterdrops so you can keep the fish alive. Please download the game using the link below! Good Luck & Have Fun!


This is my final project of the class GAM607, which is a level design class focusing on low-poly 3D levels using unreal engine. I made this level in 3 weeks, including 1 week of pre-production process, and 2 weeks of building this level.

In this level, you will play as a Ninja, try to save a village in the forest, you can talk with NPCs for mission infos, and collect weapons to defeat enemies. Pleas use the button below to download and play! Good Luck & Have Fun!

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